Readers Comments

“StarStruck” is your incomparable Galileo story. This is a major historical element in the arousal of civilization.
Georg Papst, Scientist
I just finished “StarStruck” and I have goose bumps. Thank you for sharing it with me. I love the story and am a big fan.
Merilee Newman, Producer
“StarStruck” is a monumental achievement. It embodies the realities of the subject and an understanding of the forces at work. It would make the most memorable television series of this period in human development.
Julian Myers, Publicist
“StarStruck” is a BIG story that brings to life the 'miracle' of what Galileo was able to 'see' during a time of darkness and oppression.
Kimberly Eyquem, Soundtrack Producer
“StarStruck” is an award winning Masterpiece. I am floored by this ‘Opus of Majesty’!!!
Michael Camacho, Singer/Actor
I read “StarStruck”. It is brilliant. I absolutely love it. Clever, funny, sad, it has everything. It’s a story that needs to be made!
Phil Moran, Producer